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Use Water Efficiently

“Water conservation” is a term that has often been associated with droughts but in southern California where most of the water is imported from elsewhere, water use efficiency must be a normal way of life, as supplies are limited and it is costly to move water great distances. Although we may not be in a drought today, California’s fickle weather patterns can reduce the supply of available water in just one year. Therefore, it is vital we all learn about conserving water or how to use water more efficiently. And think about this - all the water that is on Earth is all the water that will ever be here, there is no “new” water, which makes pollution control and water reclamation very high priorities. It’s pretty remarkable when you think that, the water you are drinking today could be the same water dinosaurs drank millions of years ago.

The good news is through technology and smarter practices, we are getting more efficient. Water use today in Los Angeles County with some 10 million people is nearly the same as water use back in 1998, when there were over 9 million people. Now that’s using water efficiently!

Click on the links below to see ways you can save water inside and outside your home. Nearly 70 percent of the water used in the LVMWD service area is used outdoors. Your greatest savings can come through irrigating less often and replacing some, or all, of your turf areas with California-friendly landscaping.

Indoor Water Conservation

Outdoor Water Conservation


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