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Your water begins the journey to your home hundreds of miles away in the Sierras, where it falls as rain and snow.

From there it begins a long pathway down rivers and streams, through reservoirs, dams, pumps, aqueducts and pipelines before it’s filtered, disinfected, tested and delivered to your home. There’s much to learn about water, from the policies that govern it, to keeping it free from sources of pollution, to using it wisely at every opportunity. Use these web pages as a resource to learn about water topics and some of the activities you can join to become a more informed – and efficient- water customer.


Inspection Trip circa 1970s

Director Mac Stelle toured the aqueduct system with LVMWD public officials and local residents during the 1970s.

LVMWD is a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides potable water supplies to some 19 million residents of the Southland. The LVMWD service area has no native supply of potable water – ground water is scarce and where it exists, it is of poor quality. There are no streams or rivers that can provide usable drinking water. As a result, we are entirely dependent upon water imported from northern California.

Click here to join “Little Drop” on a virtual trip that shows how water reaches our District.

Click here to see a brief a video on the role the Colorado River Aqueduct plays in Metropolitan’s overall supply picture.

We invite you to explore other areas of this website that highlight conservation measures, rebates on water saving devices and other information that helps you become a better-informed customer who appreciates water – our most precious resource. To be kept up-to-date on what's happening sign up for eNotification.


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