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Policy for Water Budget Adjustments 

Water Budget Adjustment Request

A variance is an allocation of water greater than what has been calculated for your property.

How to Live Within My Water Budget

A graphical depiction of typical water use indoors and outdoors.

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has adopted a plan to implement "water budgets" as a tool to respond to water shortages and to meet its required 20% reduction by 2020. The severe California drought currently upon us requires that we surpass the 2020 target to an unprecedented reduction of 36% in a much shorter time period. There is no way to predict how long the drought crisis will last, so we must move forward with a new rate structure that promotes long-term efficient water use and provides an equitable means to reduce use during water shortages.

A water budget has been established for each customer that recognizes individual consumer needs. Water budgets replace the "increasing block rate structure" applied to all, regardless of household size and irrigated area. It's also different from the allocation method used in the 2009 drought, which was based on parcel size.

Your Water Budget

The information you provide is confidential and will not be released to outside parties. Once the program is in place, your water-need information can be updated at any time.

Your water budget is equal to:


Indoor Need is based on providing each person in the household with a standard volume of water. The current California standard is 55 gallons per person per day.

Outdoor Need is determined by using the customer’s irrigated area and local weather data to determine the efficient volume of water to support healthy plants and a modest amount of turfgrass. This amount will change from month to month as weather changes.

Adjustments will be made for special situations such as medical needs, licensed child/adult/health care providers and caring for horses or livestock.

Read the policy for Water Budget Adjustments (PDF - 72KB)

Water use within the monthly water budget will be considered efficient and billed at the lowest rates. Use above the water budget will be considered inefficient or even wasteful, based on state efficiency standards, and billed to recover the higher cost for the agency to deliver that amount of water to the customer.


1. Indoor usage is 55 gpcd (gallons per capita per day).
2. Actual evapotranspiration (ET) data for 2014 and 0.80 ET factor were used to set the outdoor water budget.


More detailed information about water budgets.

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