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Many different aspects of “the water story” come alive in these fascinating video selections. History, policymaking and the engineering marvels that move water to and from various locations light up the screen with interesting stories and great visuals.

Cadillac Desert VHS cover

Cadillac Desert (VHS)
Marc Reisner, 4 tape series, 250 minutes

Starting with “Mulholland’s Dream” followed by “An American Nile,” “The Mercy of Nature,” and finally “Last Oasis,” these presentations combine to show viewers the story of California’s struggle for water. A compelling story, with interviews, comments from descendants of those involved and environmentalists.


California Water Series

California Water Series (DVD)
Heull Howser
ACWA, 30 minutes each

This comprehensive series of shows presented by popular TV host, Heull Howser, visits locations and people across the state that make up California's water system.  Each show focuses on a relevant topic, such as climate change, floods, the Delta, and many more.


Modern Marvels cover

Modern Marvels: Aqueducts-Man Made Rivers of Life
A&E Home Video
The History Channel, 50 minutes

From ancient Rome to the massive system that quenches Los Angeles’s thirst, this video presents a fascinating look at the history and technology of aqueducts.


Modern Marvels cover

Sewers, Modern Marvels (DVD)
The History Channel, 2005, 50 minutes

A simple flush and you forget about the water. Where does it go? This DVD explores the network of underground pipes and tunnels that carry human wastewater away. Traces history from ancient Rome with pristine systems, through disease-ridden Middle Ages, and into progressive sanitation engineering of the 20th and 21st centuries.



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