Edmonston Pumping Plant

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The journey through most of the San Joaquin Valley is a direct, gravity-driven flow.  However, at the base of the Tehachapi Mountains, the water faces a major obstacle.  At the A. D. Edmonston Pumping Plant, built between 1965-1971, giant pumps lift the water 1,926 feet (the highest single lift pumping plant in the world - reference: http://www.water.ca.gov/engineering/Projects/Current/ADEPP/) to enter 8.5 miles of tunnels and siphons that cross the mountain range.  Capable of pumping one-acre-foot of water in about 2 minutes, the water flows into the Antelope Valley where the Aqueduct divides.
Love the blue hard hats, BLUE is my favorite color
This is one big lift...and water is heavy!
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