Job Descriptions

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Account Clerk I/II

Accounting Technician (General)

Accounting Technician (Payroll)

Administrative Services Coordinator

Assistant Engineer/Associate Engineer


Chief Water Reclamation Plant Operator

Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator

Civil Engineering Assistant

Collection Systems Technician

Communications & Media Coordinator

Compliance Inspector

Compost Operations Supervisor

Computer Support Specialist

Construction Supervisor

Cross Connection Inspector

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Operations Supervisor

Customer Service Programs Supervisor

Customer Service Representative

Director of Facilities & Operations

Director of Finance & Administration

Director of Resource Conservation & Public Outreach

Drafting Technician I

Electrical/Instrumentation Supervisor

Electrical/Instrumentation Technician I/II

Environmental Analyst I/II

Executive Assistant/Clerk of the Board

Facilities Inspector

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

Facilities Maintenance Worker

Field Customer Service Representative I/II

Finance Manager

Financial Analyst

Fleet Technician

General Manager

GIS Technician

Human Resources Analyst I/II

Human Resources Manager

Information Systems Manager

Junior Engineer

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Supervisor

Laboratory Technician I/II

Maintenance Mechanic I/II

Management Analyst I/II

Planning & New Development Technician

Principal Engineer

Public Affairs & Communications Manager

Public Affairs Associate

Receptionist/Office Assistant

Resource Conservation Manager

SCADA Systems Specialist


Senior Accountant

Senior Accounting Technician

Senior Electrical/Instrumentation Technician

Senior Field Customer Service Representative

Senior Water Distribution Operator

Senior Water Reclamation Plant Operator

Senior Water Worker


Systems Analyst

Water Conservation Coordinator

Water Production & Treatment Supervisor

Water Reclamation Manager

Water Reclamation Plant Operator I/II

Water Reclamation Plant Operator-in-Training

Water System/Faclilities Manager

Water Treatment Plant Operator II

Water Treatment Plant Operator III

Water Worker I/II

Water Worker III


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