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Avoid Wasteful Water Use Penalties

Post Date:10/23/2017 8:12 AM

Penalties may appear on your bill if your water use is over twice your water budget.  The penalties escalate as wasteful water use continues and signal that water use should be reduced.   

1st offense – A written warning is issued.

2nd offense – A penalty of $2.50 per billing unit (= 1 hcf or hundred cubic feet of water) will be applied to all water used in excess of twice the customer’s water budget.

3rd (and additional offenses) – A penalty of $5.00 per billing unit will be applied to all water used in excess of twice the customer’s water budget.

If a customer is assessed a penalty, they may appeal within 15 days of penalty notification and may defer payment of the disputed amount pending a decision on the appeal. Appeals may be granted, waiving the penalty, if the excessive water use was caused by:

  • A failure of the District’s water system or a billing error.

  • A health and/or safety need (e.g., fire, medical need). In this case, a Water Budget Adjustment Request should be submitted.

  • A leak on the customer’s property as described in the District’s Leak Adjustment Policy.

Avoid penalties by:

  1. Following these tips to be more water-efficient.

  2. Installing water-efficient appliances and irrigation devices. Rebates are available through SoCal WaterSmart.

  3. Contacting us at (818) 251-2200 to schedule a free water survey. We will conduct a customized survey of your indoor and outdoor water use and make recommendations to improve water use efficiency.
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